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Cartegraph Campus

About Cartegraph Basemaps

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

The Cartegraph Map view contains basemaps configured in ArcGIS Online or Portal, based on the Esri permissions of the signed in Cartegraph user. These include web maps that are

  • Shared to the organization's Basemap Gallery
  • Shared to the Organization
  • Shared to any Groups the Cartegraph user belongs to
  • Owned by the Cartegraph user

To limit the Esri web maps that display in Cartegraph, have the Esri Administrator create a Group, share only the desired Esri web maps with this group, and then set the Basemap Gallery to use this group. All users part of the organization see at least these maps in Cartegraph. See the Basemap Gallery setup in ArcGIS Online or Portal topic for more information.

In addition to the Basemap Gallery maps and web maps created by the user, web maps created by individuals in the organization that are shared to the organization or to specific groups also display in the Cartegraph map view, based on the user.

To further limit the web maps that display in the Cartegraph map view, have the Cartegraph Administrator edit the ArcGISWebMapTag system setting. Only web maps that contain that tag are displayed, based on the above criteria. Web map tags are configured in ArcGIS Online or Portal.

Esri web maps that are shared as Public in ArcGIS Online or as Everyone in Portal for ArcGIS Online are not available in Cartegraph.

If no maps are configured in ArcGIS Online or Portal, the Esri Streets map displays in the Cartegraph Map view.

Cartegraph requires using the same format for the Cartegraph URL and Esri web map layers. When creating web maps in ArcGIS Online, Cartegraph recommends using secured web map layer URLs (https://).