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About Geometric or Utility Networks

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Cartegraph allows the creation of GIS associations to geometric and utility networks. Select this option for any new or existing GIS association to keep your geometric and utility networks in sync. Once a recordset is GIS associated with the geometric or utility network setting, the setting cannot be cleared and modifications to these records in Cartegraph are limited.

Consider this information before selecting Geometric or Utility Network on a Cartegraph GIS Association:

  • Asset type recordsets must have a shape column to be associated as geometric or utility networks. For example, Water Mains, Water Hydrants, or Valves.
  • Once the geometric or utility network check box is selected, the check box cannot be cleared. If the Association has not been saved, cancel the Association and create it again. If the association was saved in GIS integrations, delete the association and create it again.

When a utility network is selected, the Geometric or Utility Network check box is automatically selected and disabled.

  • When creating a GIS association and selecting Geometric or Utility network, the system looks at the selected recordset to verify it is empty. If there are records in the Cartegraph recordset, an error message displays and the setting cannot be selected.
  • If a GIS association already exists and is not set as Geometric or Utility Network, edit the GIS integrations to select Geometric or Utility Network for the association. If any records exist in the Cartegraph recordset but not in GIS, they are not synchronized and are reported in the synchronization log.
  • When a GIS association marked as Geometric or Utility Network exists in Cartegraph, the records in the associated Cartegraph recordset cannot be deleted, duplicated, created, or have any edits done to the spatial location from Cartegraph. The edits must be done in GIS so they can be synchronized to Cartegraph. All other edits to existing records in the associated recordset can be done in either Cartegraph or GIS. For example, changing the value in a field.
  • The GIS sync operation works the same for geometric or utility networks. All allowable changes performed in Cartegraph are synchronized to GIS, and all changes performed in GIS are synchronized to Cartegraph through the Add-In, Background Sync, or Manual Sync. Deleting records in GIS that are part of a geometric or utility network association in Cartegraph results in retiring the associated record in Cartegraph.
  • If a GIS association set as Geometric or Utility Network is marked Inactive, the limitations for editing in Cartegraph are removed, however when the association is set back to Active any new Cartegraph records are skipped and any Cartegraph edits are ignored during the sync. The next time a sync runs on this recordset, the new and ignored records are marked with a retired date.