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ArcGIS Server, Online, and Portal Setup Troubleshooting

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Feature Services on ArcGIS Server for Windows

The most standard GIS integration involves feature services published to ArcGIS for Server. These services may be unsecured or secured with the padlock icon using ArcGIS Server credentials. If the server is federated with an ArcGIS Portal, the padlock goes away and services are secured with the Sharing Properties icon using Portal credentials.

 To keep your Feature Services secure, do not name it with Cartegraph explicitly called out.

In Cartegraph, to manage these ArcGIS for Server feature services, enter the following:

  • Configuration
    • Select Unsecured if all the feature services to be integrated are unsecured.
    • Select ArcGIS for Server credentials for secured feature services on an unfederated server
    • Select Portal Credentials for secured feature services on a federated server.
  • Server URL
    • Enter the root URL of the server. For example
  • Portal URL
    • Only needed for a federated server, enter the root URL of the Portal, like
  • User Name and Password:
    • For Unsecured configurations, no credentials are required.
    • For secured feature services on an un-federated server, enter server credentials.
    • For secured feature services on a federated server, enter portal credentials.

If you enter credentials, the feature services available for integration will be all those that are accessible using the credentials you supply; this includes any unsecured services. If there are other services that require a different set of credentials to access, you will need to add another server to the Cartegraph server list, using the other credentials.

There is one other case for secured services on a federated server: Instead of specifying portal credentials, you can use the server’s primary site administrator credentials. This gives access to all services on the server, regardless of how or whether they are secured. In this case, specify  ArcGIS for Server Credentials for the Configuration setting, and enter the administrator user name and password.

Feature Layers in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS Server

Cartegraph can also integrate with feature layers created in ArcGIS Online or in Portal for ArcGIS. These feature layers can be hosted, where the GIS data is stored online or in the portal, or pass-through, when the feature layer references GIS data that resides elsewhere, usually on an ArcGIS Server.

In either case, the configuration you specify in Cartegraph for these feature layers depends on the layers’ Share settings.

  • Configuration
    • Select Unsecured if all the feature layers to be used for integration are shared to Everyone (public)
    • Select ArcGIS Online Credentials for secured online feature layers
    • Select Portal Credentials for secured portal feature layers
  • Server URL
    • To find the Server URL for a feature layer, go to the layer’s Details screen. Near the top, click the Source: Feature Service link, which takes you to the feature layer’s source feature service. Copy the URL of this page and use everything before rest/services for the Cartegraph Server URL.
  • Portal URL
    • Only needed for a Portal Credentials configuration, enter the root URL of the Portal.
  • User Name and Password
    • For Unsecured configurations, no credentials are required.
    • For ArcGIS Online configuration, enter ArcGIS Online credentials.
    • For Portal configuration, enter portal credentials.

When creating the feature layer in the first place, you may be prompted whether to store credentials for the web service you select. Be sure to do so.

When integrating with multiple feature layers, if they all share the same Server URL and are accessible with the same credentials, you should only have to set up one server in Cartegraph’s Server Manager. Otherwise, create a separate server for each configuration.