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Cartegraph and ArcGIS Attachment Synchronization

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Cartegraph OMS allows GIS Associations of attachments when using ArcGIS Portal or ArcGIS Online.

Select this option for any new or existing GIS Association to keep attachments in sync.

  • Attachments feature must be Enabled on the feature layer.
  • The Synchronize Attachments check box displays only on the GIS Association page, if the feature layer selected has attachments feature enabled, and the Cartegraph recordset has a child attachments recordset to sync to.
  • Attachments are synchronized one way—GIS to Cartegraph.
  • Attachments are added to the same parent record in Cartegraph that they are associated to in GIS.
  • Cartegraph OMS only synchronizes supported attachments types. Sync does not fail if an unsupported attachment was uploaded on GIS; it is ignored and is not take part in the sync.
  • Attachments added or removed in Cartegraph do not synchronize back to GIS. Users have to remove attachments from GIS if they do not want them in Cartegraph.
  • Attachments deleted in GIS are deleted from Cartegraph.
  • We use a unique identifier on each side of the sync to know which files have already been brought down, not file names.
  • The file names in Cartegraph may not match the file names in GIS exactly, as we add a suffix in the event of duplicate attachment file names.