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Inactive GIS Associations

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GIS Associations can be set to Inactive. Setting a GIS Association to Inactive prevents the association from participating in the synchronization process between ArcGIS and Cartegraph. A benefit to making an association Inactive is you can stop the synchronization process for that specific association temporarily when necessary, and not lose the field mappings of the specific GIS association. When the association is ready to be synched again, the Inactive setting can simply be turned off while in edit mode of the GIS Association.

Some other things to note about Inactive GIS Associations include:

  • If an association is marked Inactive, another association can be created and used for the same Feature Class Layer, as long as a different Cartegraph Recordset is selected for this new association.
  • The same Cartegraph Recordset can never be set in multiple associations, even Inactive ones. An association must be deleted from the Cartegraph system in order to use the same Cartegraph Recordset in a different association.
  • If a Domain/Subtype is associated to a Library in a GIS Association and the GIS Association is marked Inactive, the system checks to see if the Domain/Subtype and Library relationship exists in any other active GIS Associations. If it does not, then a Publish runs after saving the inactive association. The publish sets the Library's Read-Only property to false since the entire GIS Association is no longer active. As soon as the association is set as active, the system checks to see if the Domain/Subtype and Library association is added to any other active associations, and if not, a Publish runs to mark the library's read-only property back to True.