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Cartegraph Campus

Set System Access

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Structure Manager, GIS Integration, and Asset Administration are read-only unless the system status is Locked for Maintenance. To make changes, the system status must be Locked for Maintenance.

If you choose not to follow Cartegraph's recommendation to lock the system before making changes, please review Make Locked for Maintenance Optional

Cartegraph recommends using this feature at the end of the day to limit the disruption to users.

  1. Click Administrator Icon>Structure Manager, GIS Integration, or Asset Administration.
  2. Click Set System Access.
  3. Change the Status to Full Access, Notification, or Locked for Maintenance depending on the stage of the process.

Full Access

Full Access means that all users can sign in to Cartegraph. Remember to return the system to Full Access after making changes.

  1. Select Full Access from the Status field.
  2. Click Save.

The system now runs without any sign in restrictions.


  1. Select Notification from the Status field.
  2. Use the default notification message or customize the message to tell the users what maintenance is being done and when. The message is limited to 500 characters.
  3. The section displays the users currently signed into.
  4. Expand the User's Signed In section to view a list with each user's full name, email address, and the app they are signed into: Cartegraph, Cartegraph for iPad, or Cartegraph One.

Click Copy to copy the email addresses of all of the signed in users to send a warning email.

There may be a 60-second delay between a user signing out and being removed from the list.

  1. Click Save.

All signed in users will be shown the Notification Message in a warning dialog box in Cartegraph OMS, Cartegraph for iPad, and Cartegraph One.

Locked for Maintenance

  1. Select Locked for Maintenance from the Status field.
  2. Click Save. A warning dialog box displays, advising you that other users cannot sign into Cartegraph when this setting is active.
  3. Click Lock for Maintenance.

All users signed in to Cartegraph OMS, Cartegraph for iPad, and Cartegraph One users, other than the one performing maintenance, are signed out by the system.

  1. Perform the planned maintenance on the system.
  2. Set the Status back to Full Access after maintenance is complete.