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Top 10 Things to Know About Cartegraph and GIS Connections

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  1. When connecting new fields or on initial sync, GIS data wins on any conflict. If the GIS field is empty then Cartegraph data flows to GIS.
  2. If you are having trouble with connecting several fields, start with just the ID.
  3. GIS domains must connect to a Cartegraph library and may associate to only one library.
  4. Mark GIS connections as inactive to save time in recreating them when you need it again—when you reactivate the GIS connection it starts the initial sync process again.
  5. It’s always best to make sure your field lengths and types in GIS match what you have in Cartegraph.
  6. Anytime you make changes to GIS domain values you need to republish the GIS service for Cartegraph to see the changes.
  7. All Cartegraph field updates are updated in GIS in real time, and with the Cartegraph ArcMap Add-in or ArcGIS Pro add-in, your GIS updates flow to Cartegraph in real time.
  8. When setting up a server connection to ArcOnline, the URL, user name and password are case sensitive.
  9. With the Geometric or Utility Network turned on, only attribute changes get synced with GIS. If your GIS feature is M or Z aware Cartegraph automatically blocks spatial edits for sync only attributes.
  10. If your Retire date field is GIS connected, Cartegraph syncs the retire date to GIS before discontinuing syncs. Remember, syncs ignore retired records and records with no spatial data.