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Limit the Number of Web Maps in the Map View

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

The ArcGISWebMapTag system setting provides the ability to limit the number of web maps available in the Cartegraph Map view for the organization.

The setting applies to web maps that are:

  • Shared to the organization
  • Shared to any groups the Cartegraph user belongs to
  • Owned by the Cartegraph user

The default value of the setting is blank which allows all the above web maps to display in the Cartegraph map view. Once a value is provided for the system setting, The web maps located in the above areas that contain a tag that matches the system setting value will display in the Cartegraph map view. For example, an ArcGISWebMapTag value of Cartegraph Maps will display any maps with the tag Cartegraph Maps. Tags are not case sensitive and do not support commas.

Web maps shared to the Basemap Gallery in ArcGIS Online or Portal do not require a tag and are always available in Cartegraph. Refer to the Basemap Gallery Setup in ArcGIS Online or Portal Overview topic for more information.

Editing web map tags is done in ArcGIS Online and Portal.