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List View Export Versus Administration Export

List View Export

This allows you to export data that displays in the List view in one simple step:

  • If no records are selected then all the records in the List view are exported.
  • If records are selected in List view, there is an option to export only the selected records or all the records.
  • It only exports the visible columns and the data.
  • The user has no control over any output settings.
  • The export feature can be controlled by security permissions.

A typical use case of the List view export is when a user wants to analyze or graph the data on the screen.

Administration Import/Export

This feature allows a user to set up a format of desired data to be exported:

  • The format is saved to allow for repeatable exports without having to set it up each time.
  • The user has control over which data fields and data elements are exported by using filters.
  • Import/Export permissions are required to set up an export format in Cartegraph with Cartegraph Administration's Import/Export command.

A typical use case of the Administration Export feature is when a user wants data to integrate into another system or analyze in an external system.