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About Import Export Jobs

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This feature is found in Cartegraph's Administration>Import/Export. 

The Jobs tab displays the run history for import/export jobs for the signed-in user, for the last two weeks.

Older jobs are cleared out automatically once a job is run or manually removed for the signed-in user by clicking Clear Run History.

The following information displays for each job. Expand to view all information:

  • Job type: Import or Export
  • Format Name
  • Data Source name for Imports
  • Started and Completed date/time stamp
  • Run Status and Status bar
    • Complete—See Log: This status has a yellow status bar and informs you the job completed, but there might be errors. Review the Job Log and make corrections.
    • Complete: This status has a green status bar and informs you the job completed without errors. The Job Log is available for download if needed.
    • Percentage: If a percentage is displayed in the Status, the status bar displays a yellow color increasing along the way. This informs you the job is In Progress.
  • Cancel: Only available for running jobs. Click Cancel on a running job to cancel the job at its current point. Depending on the properties selected for the format, records may not roll back.
  • The information display differs for each job:
    • Total Records displays the number of records imported or exported.
    • Errors display the number of critical errors encountered during the job. Records with errors are not imported or updated in Cartegraph, or exported out of Cartegraph. or example, importing new Pavement records with ID values, and the ID values already exist in the system result in Errors and the records is not be imported.
    • Warnings display the number of problems encountered, but are not critical. Cartegraph prevented some of the values from being imported or updated so the results may not be exactly as the data in the data source. For example, try to update a system-generated field with an import is not allowed, so no changes are made to that value which results in a Warning.
    • Informational displays the number of records where Cartegraph made adjustments to the data being imported. The data imported, but may not be exactly as the data source. Example: Importing a value that contains more characters than is allowed for the field. Depending on the Run Property setting, the value is imported and truncated at the maximum character limit for that field, resulting in an Information message.
  • Click Download to download the job log. The job log provides more detailed information about the job, such as specific error messages, warnings, and informational messages.
  • The User field displays only users with a job history. The signed-in user is always in the list even if they do not have a job history.