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Cartegraph Campus

Create Spatial Format File

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This functionality is found in the Import/Export Format Editor.

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Import/Export.
  2. Click the Format Editor tab.
  3. From the Format Editor header, select a Category and Type.
  4. Select Create as the Format.
  5. Enter the Format name and click Save.

The new format name displays as the Format. The format has been saved to the Project Home.

  1. In the Import/Export panel, select the Properties tab.
  2. Select the Format Type, Field Separator, and String Identifier

Select the Include Field Names check box.

Select and set the Use Custom Coordinate System if the coordinates need to be converted.

Verify the Import Run Properties are set.

Select the Use Filter check box. Create filter.

  1. Select the Fields tab.
  2. Place the <Spatial X> and <Spatial Y> into the Field View.
  3. Add any other fields to the Field View, as desired.

When spatial fields are used, at least one unique field must also be included, such as the ID field.

  1. Select Check for Duplicates for the ID field, or any other unique field added to the Field View.
  2. Click Save.