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About Child or Grandchild Record Imports

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When you create a format file to import or export child or grandchild records such as attachments, logs, and history data you must take care to link each child record to its true parent.

A few things to keep in mind when importing and exporting child and grandchild records:

  • Parent records should already exist before attempting to import child records. This relationship is required; if the parent does not exist the import fails.
  • One unique parent field must be included in the format file so the child records are connected to their parent. For example, the <Parent ID> or <Parent CgId> field.
  • Format files for child and grandchild records must be built and ran out of the true parent recordset, not a share or relationship. For example, Labor Log records can only be imported or exported through the Labor\Log recordset, not the Task\Labor Log relationship.