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Cartegraph Campus

Import Assessments

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This overview describes the steps needed to import large amounts of Assessment data into Cartegraph.

You must have:

  • Administration rights to Cartegraph
  • Security permissions to create and update the records being imported
  • Familiarity with standard Cartegraph import processes
  • Already entered the corresponding Facility asset records into Cartegraph
  • (Strongly Suggested) Already entered the facilities corresponding container component asset records into Cartegraph

Import New Assessments

Import for assessments are found under:

  • Category/Libraries
    • Type /Assessments

Set Up the Assessment Format File

In order to create assessments through import, verify the assessment format minimally contains the following:

  • Facility Asset ID for the Facility asset in which the assessment was performed.
  • Assess Date
  • Uniformat Code
  • Replace Year
  • Cost
  • Action Needed, which must correspond with a valid Task activity. For example, Repair or Replace.

Strongly suggest but not required:

  • Asset ID, which is the ID of container component asset of the Facility being assessed.
  • Asset Type, which is the type of container component asset of Facility being assessed.
  • Remaining Life
  • Expected Life
  • Assessed Rating

Optional fields:

  • Quantity
  • Notes            (Assessor's notes)
  • Unit Cost
  • Capacity or Size

Please do not import the following, these will be determined by the assessment workflow in OMS:

  • Task ID
  • Status

Assessment Workflow and Automation

  • Tasks will be created and the status of the assessment will change as the assessment is processed. Only import the Task ID and Status fields if you are doing so due to a loss in data.
  • Please ignore the container component ID fields during import. For example, Plumbing ID, HVAC ID, or Facility Electrical ID. These fields will be matched automatically in the assessment if the Asset ID and Asset Type are provided.
  • It is possible to import assessments without a Facility ID, however, it is strongly advised against because these imported records will be orphaned. Assessment records without a Facility ID will also not be eligible for workflow management or automation.