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Import Condition Categories

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Cartegraph automatically generates the condition categories that apply to an asset inspection when the inspection is saved. Update the condition category records with the inspection details.

Some of the generated condition categories are system-calculated condition categories. For example, the signs background Ra and legend Ra condition categories are calculated and cannot be marked not inspected. Also, for pavement and pavement area, the PCI condition category is calculated. Do not import index values for calculated condition categories.

Set Up the Condition Category Format File

In order to update a condition category through import, make sure the format file minimally contains:

  • Inspection ID
  • Condition category (matching field)
  • Not inspected
  • Index or measured value

The index or measured value is required so the Inspection OCI calculates correctly.

If a condition category is marked Not Inspected and has an empty index and measured value, the system calculates the estimated OCI for the condition category based on the inspection date.

Set Up the Condition Category Data File

In a program like Excel, merge your inspection data with the condition categories generated by Cartegraph. For condition categories inspected, provide the index or measured value and verify Not Inspected is false. For condition categories you did not inspect, leave Index and Measured Value blank and set Not Inspected to True.

The condition category data file must follow the format defined by the format file, as well as, conform to the following business rules:

  • Index must be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 100
  • Duplicate condition categories for the same inspection are not allowed
  • Cannot set the condition category to Not Inspected and set the index value or measured value
  • If a condition category is imported without an index or measured value and is not marked as not inspected, no calculation runs for that condition category, and the Iispection cannot be completed