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Lookup on Import

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This functionality is found in the Format Editor>Fields.

The Lookup function is used during an import to set a Cartegraph field in every imported record to a value from another recordset, by replacing the incoming data for another value. The setting is available on each field, except Spatial fields, once the Use Special Function check box is selected.

All the Lookup setting are required:

  • Incoming Data Source must be a field in the Format to define the place in the import data source to retrieve the incoming data. Refer to the Determining Incoming Key for Imports for more information.
  • Target Recordset defines the recordset containing the information to be used in the replace.
  • Target Field is a field within the Target Recordset for the incoming data to match on.
  • Value Field is a field within the Target Recordset used to replace the incoming value as the field's value.

Cartegraph recommends placing any fields using the Lookup function at the end of the Format, to avoid conflicts with existing columns in the file being imported.