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About Layout Manager

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

The Layout Manager is located in Cartegraph‘s Administration section and is the feature that allows you to set your screen layout.

If a new field is created, it may not be visible in the Layout Manager file list. The user will need to sign out, then sign back in to see the new field as available.

Use the Layout Manager to design screens, grids, and lookups for parent-level recordsets, child-level recordsets, and libraries.

If you change grids in the system, the change persists for in session and overrides the default Layout Manager setup.

There are three view types:

  • Detail view: To design the Detail view with information about an individual record. Detail Views display after you click on the View button on a summary tip or list. This displays all the fields and field entries available for a specific record.
  • List view: To design the List view layout with record and library information. List Views are located under the Map view for records from Requests, Work Orders, Tasks, Assets, Labor, Equipment, Material, Material Locations, and Vendors.
  • Lookup view: To design the multi-column lookup grids in any recordset or library.
  • Cartegraph One view: To design layouts that display in the Cartegraph One mobile app.

Drag and Drop functionality of fields, grids, sections, and group headers. Use these three actions:

  • Add Section: allows the addition of a section which can be placed wherever is desired and can be named
  • Reset: Resets the screen to the original default that is provided out of the box
  • Save: Saves changes made

Rename section headers by hovering over the right side of a section name and clicking on iEditComponents.png.

Add Group Headers by hovering over the Section header and click the +. Drag and drop to the desired place.

Add a section filter to Custom views by clicking on iSectionFilter.png at the right side of the screen.

Delete fields, grids, group headers, and section headers from the layout by hovering over them and clicking on the X on the right.

Clear the check box to the left of the section name to hide the section.