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Create a Detail View for Hydrant Flushes and Storm Inlet Debris Removal Check Example

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Many times we need to record data on a task when we perform that task. In this example, we have an activity of flush that we want to use for hydrants and an activity of debris removal for storm inlets. We have different items that we need to document when we complete those tasks. We will add two sections and apply filters. For this example, the database has the custom fields added to the Tasks recordset and Check added to the Activities library.

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Layout Manager.
  2. From the Layout Manager header, select the following:
  • Category: Work
  • Type: Task
  • View Type: Detail View
  • View: An existing view where you want to add the Hydrant Flushing and Storm Inlet Cleaning sections
  1. Click Add Section.
  2. Enter Hydrant Flushing and click Apply.
  3. Drag the following fields into the section:
  • Turbidity
  • pH
  • Duration Open
  • Flow Rate
  1. Click iSectionFilter.png and add a filter for the asset of hydrant and activity of flush.
  2. Click Apply.
  3. Click Add Section.
  4. Enter Storm Inlet Cleaning and click Apply.
  5. Drag the following fields into the section:
  • Type of Debris
  • Weight Removed
  1. Click iSectionFilter.png and add a filter for the storm inlet asset and debris removal activity.
  2. Click Save.

When you create a task for hydrants with a flush activity, the new section Hydrant Flushing and all its fields display in the Detail view.

When you create a task for storm inlet with a clean activity, the new section Storm Inlet Cleaning and all its fields also display.