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Layout Manager Features

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

Recordset Selector

  • Any Top-Level Recordset can be selected from the selector.
  • Any Child, Grandchild, Great-Grandchild, etc. can be selected from the selector.
  • When selecting a child recordset, the selector displays the recordset hierarchy.
  • When the recordset name extends beyond the size of the chooser, an ellipsis displays.
  • Hovering over the selector when an ellipsis is present displays a tool tip of the entire selected recordset’s hierarchy.
  • You can click outside the open selector to hide it.
  • Selecting a recordset populates the sidebar’s lower area with fields and grids.

View Type Selector

  • List, Detail, and Lookup view types are present.
  • Functionality exists to enable DEBUG editing for mini map tip and Summary tips.
  • If a selection has been made with the recordset chooser, selecting a View Type will load that screen from the database into the layout builder area.
  • Fields can be dragged from the sidebar on to the layout, following System Section/Custom rules.
  • Fields, on insert into the layout, explodes into a preview version of the field.
  • Drag grids from the sidebar on to the layout, following System Section/Custom rules.
  • Grids, on insert into the layout, will explode into a mostly-functional grid.
  • Placeholders display in the layout area when a field/grid may be dropped.
  • New sections to the layout default to Custom section type.
  • The user receives a prompt for a section name after clicking the button.
  • Clicking cancel does not add a new section.
  • Clicking OK adds a new section if and only if they provided a section name. If no section name was provided, no new section is added.
  • The new section is added to the bottom.
  • The new section can be reordered.
  • The new section can receive both sidebar fields and fields from another section.
  • The new section shall display Rename, Add Group Header, and Remove buttons on hover.
  • Add section button remains disabled until a view has been loaded.
  • The Layout should scroll to the new section after adding it.

Clear Sections

  • Clicking on Clear removes only Custom sections and their fields from the layout. System Sections and Expandable are not removed.
  • Users are asked for confirmation when clicking Clear.
  • Clear shouldn’t do anything on Index or Lookup views.
  • Clear sections button remains disabled until a view is loaded.

Section Filter

  • Available only on the Tasks Detail view layout for user-defined sections
  • Filters determine when the section displays in the view based on the selected asset and activity combination.
  • These sections display on the Cartegraph for iPad and Cartegraph One apps.
  • The Actions menu has options to
    • Clear All Filters: Clears all filter rows.
    • Copy Filters: Copies all filter rows to be used in a different filter.
    • Paste Copied Filters: Pastes copied filters from one section to another, or between one custom Task Detail view to another custom Task Detail view.


  • Save generates the XML for the view, and inserts it into the database for the currently logged in role.
  • Errors on Save display an error dialog box.
  • Save works for All view types.
  • The save button remains disabled until a view is loaded.

Add Group Header

  • The + icon on the Section Header adds a new Group Header to the bottom of that section
  • The new group header displays the new name and removes icons on hover.
  • Rename and Remove should work as expected.

Reorder Sections

  • Any System section, Expandable section, or Custom section may be reordered.
  • Clicking and dragging the Section header allows the section reordered.

Reorder Fields/Grids

  • Fields/Grids may be reordered within their own section.
  • Fields/Grids may be reordered between other sections, but cannot be moved to System Sections.
  • Fields can be moved out of one section and back in.
  • On hover, fields should display an X remove button.

Remove Fields

  • Fields in a System Section may not be removed.
  • Fields in Expandable or Custom sections may be removed by clicking the X icon displayed on hover.
  • No confirmation for field removal.

Business Rules

  • Grids are once-per-layout; error will display on duplicate.
  • Index and Lookup views should display only a grid, but no Section headers.
  • Index and Lookup view grids cannot be dragged and dropped.
  • Don’t display fields and grids in the left sidebar.
  • Lookup grid shouldn’t have check boxes, View/Info buttons, etc.


  • View and Info buttons may display, but will be nonfunctioning.
  • Grid column chooser shall be present and functional.
  • Grids shall persist columns in order, with width.


  • Quantity fields are pulled over as one field (.amt and .unit) and persist back to the server correctly.