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About Library Manager

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

The Library Manager is used to add, edit, or delete records in existing libraries. All libraries in your database display in the left panel. Narrow down the libraries using the Filter lists to a specific area of Cartegraph. You can also find libraries using the Find a Library search field.

When a library is selected, the current records for the library are displayed. In the list view, you may select a record to edit or delete, or click Create to add new records to the selected library. If a library is set as read-only, you are not able to add to the library or edit or delete any library entries. The library list view can be filtered by using the search above the list view to find specific records in the library.

The Library Manager has the ability to upload and delete images for libraries with attachment fields. These images are stored in the Project Home, <project home>\attachments\Libraries\.