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Attachment Fields Display Behavior

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Attachment fields have display behaviors that are different from other field types:

  • Attachment fields display as the file name in Library list views. A library can have only one Attachment field.
  • Attachment fields should be first followed by the Unique and Required field followed by the rest alphabetically. This is for the default view only, if there is no screen defined by the user; users can place any field in any order.
  • When an attachment field is exported from the Library List view, the file name is exported, not the image itself.
  • If the name of the file already exists, _# will be added to the end of the uploaded file.
  • An attachment has a default upload size limit of 30 MB.
  • Deleting a library record deletes the attachment and thumbnail from the Project Home.
  • Deleting a record with child data should also delete the attachments in the child records.