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Edit Overall Ratings Library

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Each asset type recordset and the Equipment recordset have a corresponding Overall Ratings library. For example, the Bench asset type's library is called Bench Overall Ratings. The Overall Ratings library contains the ratings and minimum index levels used to rate an asset's or piece of equipment's Overall Condition Category Index (OCI). For example, by default the Bench Overall Ratings are:

Rating Minimum Index
Excellent 81
Good 61
Average 41
Fair 21
Poor 1
Failed 0

For our example we will:

  • Change the minimum index for Good from 61 to 65.
  • Change the Fair rating to Inactive.
  • Change the rating name of Poor to Bad.
  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>Library Manager.
  2. In the Find a Library field, enter Bench.
  3. Select Bench Overall Ratings.
  4. Hover on Good and click iLayoutManagerEdit.png.
  5. In the Minimum Index field change 61 to 65 and click Save.
  6. Hover on Fair and click iLayoutManagerEdit.png.
  7. Select the Inactive check box and click Save.
  8. Hover on Poor and click iLayoutManagerEdit.png.
  9. In the Rating field, delete Poor, enter Bad, and click Save.

Once you edit these things, nothing in the system will change until the scheduled process runs, ordinarily at night.