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Basemap Gallery Setup in ArcGIS Online or Portal Overview

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

When an organization is set up in ArcGIS Online or Portal, the Basemap Gallery is set to an Esri Default group. The ArcGIS administrator can change which web maps are included in the Basemap Gallery, which limits the Esri web maps are available in Cartegraph.

Cartegraph recommends creating a Group in ArcGIS Online or Portal, sharing the desired Esri web maps with the group, and then setting this group as the Basemap Gallery.

  1. In ArcGIS Online or Portal, sign in as an Administrator.
  2. Create a group called Cartegraph Maps.
  3. Set the Status to Organization so all members of the organization can see the Esri web maps.
  4. Select Only group owner as the Contributors, unless other members of the organization are able to add or remove web maps to the group.
  5. Save the group.
  6. Share the desired maps to the Cartegraph Maps group.
  7. Click My Organization.
  8. Click Edit Settings.
  9. Click the Map tab on the left.
  10. For the Basemap Gallery, select the created group, Cartegraph Maps.
  11. Select the Share the Esri default basemaps to this group check box.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Click Groups at the top.
  14. Select the Cartegraph Maps group.
  15. Remove any Esri default basemaps that should not be included.
  16. Review the available maps in ArcGIS to verify they are the desired ones.
  17. Click Maps at the top.
  18. Click Basemaps button to display the list of Basemaps.

The list should contain only the Esri web maps that are shared to the Cartegraph Maps group.