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Cartegraph Campus

Upload a Cartegraph One Offline Map

Before uploading a Cartegraph One Offline Map:

  • You must have administrator rights to access this feature.
  • You must be signed in with your ArcGIS identity.
  • An offline map must be generated as an offline ArcGIS tile package .tpk map area in ArcGIS Online. Follow these steps to generate an offline map area.

Esri Imagery maps cannot be taken offline.

Vector maps are not supported to be taken offline through Cartegraph One.

Upload the Map

  1. Select Administration>Map Administration.
  2. In Cartegraph One Offline Maps section, select a map area from the field.
  3. Click Upload.

This uploads and extracts the map area in the Cartegraph database, allowing Cartegraph One to download it down to the mobile device for offline use.