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Cartegraph ArcMap Add-In

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This add-in conveys data edits made in ArcMap to the customer's Cartegraph database. If you edit data that participate in a two-way integration in ArcMap, the ArcMap Workstation should have the Cartegraph ArcMap Add-in installed. These are the workstations where GIS users edit GIS data with ArcMap. As GIS data is edited in ArcMap, the add-in component communicates with the Cartegraph Web Server to keep the Cartegraph database in sync with the geodatabase.  In order for the Add-In to work, the SOE must be installed on the ArcServer and the feature layer must be registered as versioned. If the add-in is not installed or not configured, the sync must run to see any updates in Cartegraph.

Functions of the Cartegraph Service Object Extension (SOE)

Essentially the SOE provides the following two pieces of functionality that are essential to proper integration between Cartegraph and Esri ArcGIS Server:

The extension writes a metadata tag to each feature class Cartegraph integrates with. This metadata tag ensures the feature class in question only integrates to one instance of Cartegraph, since it reads the integration information from the tag, and also allows the Cartegraph Add-In for ArcMap to determine which Cartegraph server it should inform about changes made to an integrated feature class.

The extension also checks for duplicate records in the feature class at the time of integration by scanning the unique ID field determined by the end-user during field mapping to ensure a successful integration. If duplicates are found, you are informed and the integration is prevented until you address the duplicate records.

Use the Cartegraph user name and password instead of the ArcGIS Identity user name and password. See Installing the SOE.

Download the files:

Installation and Configuration

The SOE for the ArcGIS Server and the Cartegraph ArcMap Add-In for ArcMap workstations are each a single file for deployment.

  1. Copy the CartegraphAddin.esriAddIn file to a location on the ArcMap machine or a shared network location.
  2. In ArcMap, from the Customize menu, select Add-In Manager to open the Add-In Manager.
  3. Click the Options tab and add the folder where you placed the add-in.
  4. For the Security Setting, select either the second or third choice to enable third-party add-ins.
  5. Click Customize to open the Customize dialog box.
  6. Click the Commands tab.
  7. For Show commands containing, enter Cartegraph.
  8. Select the Menus category, which displays the Cartegraph menu in the second column.
  9. Drag this menu up to the ArcMap menu bar.
  10. Click Close.
  11. From the new Cartegraph menu, select Cartegraph Options.
  12. Enter the Cartegraph Web server URL and a Cartegraph user name and password with permissions to edit the integrated Cartegraph data.
  13. Click Test to confirm the settings.
  14. Click OK.
  15. Repeat this process on all workstations where geodata is edited.