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Cartegraph Campus

Print Maps With ArcGIS Portal

Printing a map from Cartegraph may also be done when Cartegraph is configured for ArcGIS Portal. There is some additional configuration that is necessary, and an associated ArcGIS Server is required.

Please refer to Esri's documentation on configuring Portal to print maps. Configure Portal to use the preconfigured PrintingTools service from an ArcGIS Server site.

Included in this process is configuring utility services for printing. In Portal, click My Organization -> Edit Settings -> Utility Services. For the Printing utility service, enter the URL of the print service. It will be in the form of:

The portal should validate the URL and, if successful, may present options for specifying layout templates. The configuration of these templates in Portal does not affect Cartegraph; the layout templates Cartegraph uses exist in the print service of the ArcServer. These templates are Letter ANSI A Landscape and Letter ANSI A Portrait.