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Cartegraph Campus

Troubleshooting Map Printing Issues

Cartegraph OMS Is Unresponsive After You Select Print Map

In Chrome browsers, when you select Print Map, the print preview displays in another tab, causing other tabs to freeze.


  • Cancel the map print or print the map.

Cannot Type in the Print Map Title Field

When this problem occurs, most likely, the Print Map command was run in Chrome.  If the new tab opened along with the Print/Cancel sidebar options and you closed the tab without clicking the Print or Cancel button first, you might be unable to type in the Title field the next time you click Print Map.


  • Select a different browser tab and then select the Cartegraph OMS tab again.

The Print Map dialog box can remain open while you switch between tabs.

  • Switch to another application, such as your email program, and then back to Cartegraph OMS.