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About Future Preventative Maintenance Calculation

The Future Preventative Maintenance calculation takes place in the Future Maintenance Report. The calculation estimates the date at the end of each month and the odometer value. The calculation values are based on the Equipment Future Maintenance library. This library is populated by the Future Preventative Maintenance prediction calculation. These values are calculated to check for service needs, as if a user manually entered this information into the fuel log. The major difference is when a comparison is made against the Equipment Events recordset, it is also made against the records created during the calculation in the Equipment Future Maintenance library.

The calculation runs for each piece of Equipment with a Service Schedule defined and for each Equipment Service Schedule/Schedule recordset. Before running the calculation all existing records in the Equipment Future Maintenance library are automatically deleted. This functionality estimates average monthly miles driven to estimate future odometer values.

The prediction of future maintenance functionality calculates one Schedule Item at a time for one piece of Equipment. Each month is calculated independently starting at Month 1 and ending at a user-specified number of future months.