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Create a Preventative Maintenance Plan

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

A plan must be activated to be in use. You can add multiple plans for an asset type or equipment and add more than one activity per plan, but you may not exceed 1,000 plans.

  1. Click Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 3.27.44 PM.png>Preventative Maintenance.
  2. Select an Asset type.
  3. Click Create Plan.
  4. Enter the plan name.

Create a filter to focus the plan on a specific set of assets.

  1. Add an activity.
  2. Click Repeat or Add and define a trigger.

Repeat steps 3-6 as needed.

  1. Click Activate Plan.

Once the plan is activated, the system creates a projected task. The projected task converts into an open task automatically or manually.