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Preventative Maintenance Triggers

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Preventative Maintenance plans create Tasks based on the triggers set for their associated asset types or equipment. Cartegraph Preventative Maintenance plans have four trigger types, Condition, Usage, Time, and Repeat.


Condition-based triggers evaluate the condition of a set of assets. Only one Condition trigger is allowed per plan activity.

Condition triggers are set for Estimated OCI, Inspected OCI, or Minimum is Reached and a specified index. When the OCI falls below the specific value, a task is created for the plan activity. To prevent duplicate tasks, if a task of the same activity was completed on that day and the OCI is still below the specified value, a projected task will be created for the same day instead of another planned task.

For example, Regulatory Signs need Inspection or Repair when the Estimated OCI condition falls below 60. A new Inspect or Repair Task is generated on the day the Estimated OCI falls below the user-specified value. The Inspector inspects or repairs the Sign and the Sign’s Estimated OCI changes. Next time OCI falls below 60 another Task is created.


Usage triggers apply to Equipment and pump records and work best when combined with Time trigger.

Only one Usage trigger is allowed per plan activity.

The activity is scheduled based on a specified number of units—miles, kilometers, or hours. This unit automatically displays based on the Meter Type selected for the classification.

All the equipment records included in a plan with a Usage trigger must be assigned a classification and all of the units must be the same.

If you would like to track usage on other asset types, contact Cartegraph Technical Support for help with setup.


Time-based triggers create Tasks for a set of assets based on a specified frequency. Only one Time trigger is allowed per plan activity. Cartegraph can specify if Tasks are created if another task of the same activity type or on the specified interval.

For example, a water hydrant should be flushed once a year. A Task to flush the hydrant was created on year ago today.

A new Task for the hydrant is supposed to be created today for this year.

  • If the previous year task was already completed then the new Task is created one year from that completion date.
  • If last year’s task was not completed, the new task does not get created. Once completed, the new task gets created one year from the completion date.


Repeat-based triggers create Tasks for a set of assets based on specific intervals.

If a Repeat trigger is used on a Plan’s activity this is the only trigger allowed for that activity.

For example, Storm Outfall must be inspected monthly. A Preventative Maintenance plan can be set up for Inspect Activity using Repeat Trigger that runs once a month starting from the install date.