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About Protocols and Triggers in Scenario Builder

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Protocols are utilized by Scenario Builder. When creating a scenario, identify the protocols that apply to that scenario. For a given scenario, protocols are the mechanism used to group specific assets of the same type, for the purpose of recommending activities. Protocols use a filter to define the group of assets. Each asset on a scenario must qualify for one and only one protocol. Each protocol has a group of triggers that define what activities can be recommended and when each activity should occur. An activity may only appear once in a given protocol.


Triggers are a component of Protocols, which are utilized by Scenario Builder. Each protocol contains one or more triggers. Triggers are the mechanism used to define which activities can be recommended for the group of assets defined in the parent protocol. Each trigger also states when each activity should occur, as well as the cost associated with doing the particular activity.

Trigger Types

Estimated OCI Range

  • When an asset's estimated OCI falls within the specified range, the activity is recommended.
  • Associated Fields
    • Budget Category: The funds for this activity are pulled from this Budget Category.
    • OCI From: This refers to the bottom or lower value of the range, including the value specified. If no value is specified, it defaults to 0.
    • OCI Through: This refers to the top or higher value of the range, including the value specified. If no value is specified, it defaults to 100.
    • Plan Years to Skip Before Eligible Again: The number of years to skip before this activity is eligible again to be used in a scenario. The default value is 0.
    • Filter Text: This refers to the filter criteria for the assets that fall into this trigger. This filter will be used with the Scenario and Protocol filters to determine the included assets for this trigger.

When using multiple triggers for Estimated OCI Range in a single Protocol, users should avoid having overlapping ranges.

Users should avoid having ranges that include all values 0-100, or the Trigger's Activity is repeatedly suggested.