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Locked Scenario Activities

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Scenario Builder can prioritize edited and locked activities when rerunning a scenario. When importing scenario activities, modify the activity and set the Locked field to Yes in the Exported Activities List that has been edited. The locked activities are prioritized in the scenario. You may also lock No Activity for an asset by setting the Activity field to blank in the exported activities list.

Locked activities are applied for both Budget Limitation and Target OCI scenarios and regardless of OCI Range or Plan Years To Skip constraints on the trigger. Filters on the trigger still apply. The filter must include the asset for the trigger that contains the locked activity.

Only activities with Locked selected are applied when rerunning the scenario. Any activities in the scenario that do not have the Locked field selected are discarded when the scenario is rerun.

When applying a locked activity, Scenario Builder locates the appropriate trigger containing the activity and will calculate the activity's projected date, activity cost, budget category, impact, and related fields.

When a scenario applies a locked activity, the new result is also locked.

When sorting the activity list by sequence number, locked activities will display before activities that are suggested during the scenario run.

Errors and Warnings

If an appropriate trigger does not exist or the filter for that trigger excludes the asset that the activity is locked for, the asset will receive no activity, and the Lock field is set to Unlocked. A message is written to the Errors column in the activity list and a warning displays in the scenario dialog box.

The following situations cause errors:

  • Multiple activities locked for a single asset in a single plan year. Only one locked activity is allowed per asset per plan year.
  • An asset that does not qualify for a protocol. Each asset must qualify for exactly one protocol.
  • An asset that qualifies for more than one protocol.