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One Activity/Asset/Year Limit

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For the initial release of Scenario Builder, we are requiring that only one activity be recommended per asset per plan year. The setting which controls this is the Limit to a Single Activity field in the Scenario Library. When a scenario is created or edited, the system will automatically set the field to true.

Scenario Builder is capable of recommending multiple activities per asset per year. A workaround is available to allow scenarios to run with the field set to false. Services can use the following workaround (with Management approval) to run a scenario with the Limit to a Single Activity field set to false. When the field is false, the selection for the Recommend Single Activity By field is ignored. After the scenario is run, the setting automatically switched back to true to prevent the customer from re-running the scenario with the field set to false.

When a scenario is created or run by default LimittoaSingleActivity field is set to true (1).

In the circumstance where services or another group needs to run a scenario with this set the false (0) they need to update the field value of LimittoaSingleActivity in the pwpScenarios table row corresponding to the correct scenario.

For example script:

UPDATE pwpScenarios SET LimittoaSingleActivity=0 WHERE ID='100'

Replace the highlighted ID  value with the ID of the scenario to be run with no limit.

After the scenario is run with limit off it will revert the setting back to false (0) without any further interaction. It's important to make sure the activities are recorded before running the scenario again.