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Scenario Features

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View a Scenario in Scenario Builder to display the same Overview Header on the Results tab and Scenario Detail tab. The items displayed in the Overview header show key information acquired from the setup of the Scenario and by running a Scenario.

Scenario Target

  • If the Scenario Type is Budget Limitation, this area will display the Total Budget amount of the scenario.
  • If the Scenario Type is OCI Target, this area will display the Ending OCI Target value of the scenario.
  • If the Scenario Type is Unlimited this area will display NA.

Assets Affected

  • Displays the number of assets that have activities suggested during the Plan Years. This is the Total Assets Included field.

Cost Per Plan Year

  • A chart visually displays the Cost associated to the suggested Activities for each Plan Year in the scenario. Hovering over each vertical bar will display a tooltip of the Plan Year and Cost.

Calculated Fields

Some of the fields in the Overview header are calculated based on other fields. Each calculation for the corresponding fields is defined below:

Total Surplus

  • Subtract the Total Cost from the Total Budget. This value only applies to a Scenario Type of Budget Limitation. NA displays for other Budget Types.

Average Activities Per Year

  • Displays the Total Activities Included field divided by the Number of Years field.

Percent of Total Assets

  • Divide the Total Assets Included field by the Assets in Scenario field. Then multiply the result by 100.

Net OCI Gain

  • Subtract the Overall Beginning Estimated OCI from the Overall Ending Estimated OCI. NA displays if either value cannot be calculated.

NA and dash ( - ) values

In some situations, a value of NA or dash ( - ) will display in some overview fields.

If the Scenario has not been run the following fields will display a dash ( - ):

  • Last Run
  • Status
  • Total Cost
  • Total Surplus IF Budget Type is Budget Limitation
  • Total Activities
  • Average Activities Per Year
  • Assets Affected
  • Percent of Total Assets
  • Ending OCI
  • Beginning OCI
  • Net OCI Gain

The following fields always display NA regardless of the status of the scenario:

  • Scenario Target IF Scenario Type is Unlimited
  • Total Surplus IF Scenario Type is Unlimited or OCI Target

The following fields will display NA after the scenario has been successfully run:

  • Ending OCI: This value cannot be calculated. (For example, there are no activities suggested on any assets so their condition is not improved.)
  • Beginning OCI: This value cannot be calculated. (For example, there are no assets in the scenario because the filter is too specific.)
  • Net OCI Gain: If either Ending OCI or Beginning OCI cannot be calculated.