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Scenario Run Status

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After creating a scenario and adjusting any other Scenario Details as desired, click Run Scenario to generate scenario results.  Only one scenario can be run at a time to ensure optimal system performance and eliminate user impact in other parts of the application.

Immediately upon starting to run a scenario, the Run Status updates to Running and the Last Run Start time displays the current date and time. Existing scenario results, if any, clear at the beginning of the run. While a scenario is running, the progress screen displays.

While a scenario is running, you can leave the screen to work in other parts of the system while the scenario runs. When the scenario completes, a confirmation displays, click Close, and the Results tab displays. If you are somewhere else in the system when the scenario completes, the screen automatically closes. The scenario run status updates to Completed and scenario results are immediately available for review.

While a scenario is running, scenarios, plan years, or protocol associations cannot be edited or deleted. While a scenario runs you can edit assets included in the scenario or edit protocols used by the scenario. At the beginning of the scenario run, the system gathers all necessary asset and protocol data. The Last Run Start field records the date and time a scenario run started. Any asset or protocol edits made after this time are not be reflected in the scenario.

If the Scenario encounters a critical error while running, the scenario status updates to Stopped with Critical Errors. Any results generated up to the point of the critical error clear. Last Run Start time keeps the date and time the scenario last started. Open and review the Error Log to review a detailed error message and resolve any issues as needed. Run the scenario again to successfully complete the scenario.

While a scenario runs, any user that tries to View the scenario sees the Run Progress dialog box. Any user can cancel a running scenario. All scenario results will be cleared on cancel.

Scenario Run Statuses

There are six Run Statuses. The Run Status field is blank if the scenario hasn't ever run.


The scenario is currently running. View the scenario to check running progress. While a scenario is running, an intermediate status of Saving is used when saving specific pieces of data to the scenario.


A running scenario encountered an error, causing a warning. The scenario runs to completion unless canceled or an error occurs. A message displays in the progress screen describing the warning once the scenario has completed.


The scenario ran and completed successfully. The scenario, plan year, and activity list results are ready to view.  The Last Run Start field displays the time and date when the scenario was run, letting you know how up-to-date the results are.


A running scenario was canceled by a user. Any scenario results generated are cleared.

Stopped With Critical Errors

A running scenario found a critical error and the scenario run was stopped by the system.  Scenario results are blank or incomplete.  A detailed error message is written to the Error Log.

Scenario Edited, Rerun Required

The scenario was edited since it last successfully ran. The Scenario Details and Scenario Results are mismatched and the scenario results no longer represent the current settings in Scenario Details. Complete any additional scenario edits if necessary, then click Run Scenario to generate updated results.