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About Set System Access

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

Set System Access is an administration tool that helps make maintenance easier to perform.  To make changes, the system status must be Locked for Maintenance. The administrator planning on performing maintenance can set the status of the system to one of the three following options:

  • Full Access:  When the system is set to Full Access, all Cartegraph users can sign in to and work as usual. This is the default value. After maintenance is performed, set the status back to Full Access so that all users can sign in to the system again. 
  • Notification:  When the system is set to Notification, all signed-in users are shown a warning message explaining that maintenance will happen soon. The message text is limited to 500 characters. The administrator has the option to customize this message to give more detailed instructions about the maintenance times and changes being made. All users in the system are encouraged to save their changes and sign out before any of their work is lost.

 Cartegraph for iPad and Cartegraph One users also see the warning message, and a yellow warning indicator displays on the screen. 

  • Locked for Maintenance: When the system is set to Locked for Maintenance, all signed-in users, except for the one performing maintenance, are signed out. The sign-in screen will display a message to this effect. While the system is locked down, it is safe for the administrator to make changes without affecting other users. Remember to always change the status back to Full Access when maintenance is complete so that all users can sign in to the system again.

Cartegraph for iPad and Cartegraph One users are also be signed out of the system, and a red warning indicator displays on the screen. 

Cartegraph recommends using this feature at the end of the workday to minimize disruption to users' workflow.

The Users Signed In section of the Set System Access dialog box displays the active users in Cartegraph, Cartegraph for iPad, and Cartegraph One.  Expand this section to see each user's full name, the platform they are currently signed in to, and email address. While the section is expanded, click Copy to easily copy all of the email addresses of the active users. The administrator can paste this list in the email program of their choice and quickly warn all users about upcoming maintenance.

There may be a 60-second delay between a user signing out and being removed from the list.

The Set System Access button is located at the top right of the screen of the following Cartegraph Administration pages:

  • Asset Administration
  • GIS Integration
  • Structure Manager

The Create and Edit options are disabled unless the system is locked for maintenance.