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About the Requests Issues Library

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The Requests Issues library contains the issues available in the Create Request guided process. When applications are installed any accompanying issues are added to the library and marked to display in the Issue list at the appropriate times.

If you add a value to the Requests Issues library, determine the following:

  • Nonasset: Applies to Non-Asset
  • Asset: Applies to [Asset] For example, Signs or Pavement and for any combination of assets.
  • Code: Used with Open311 only. The unique identifier for the service request type.
  • Department: Department responsible for responding to the Request.
  • Description: Used with Open311 only. A brief description of the service request type.
  • External: The issue is available to the public through SeeClickFix.
  • Group: Used with Open311 only.  A category to group this service type within. This provides a way to group several service request types under one category such as sanitation.
  • Inactive: The issue is no longer available in the lookup list.
  • Internal Request: This issue is available through Internal Requests.
  • Keywords: Used with Open311 only. A comma-separated list of tags or keywords to help users identify the request type. This can provide synonyms of the service_name and group.
  • No Location: A map location is not allowed when submitting the Request.
  • Priority: The default value for the Request Priority.
  • Response: Used with Open311 only. Information about the action expected to fulfill the request or otherwise address the information reported.
  • Standard Operating Procedure: Workflow instructions for the person receiving the Request.
  • Auto Close Request: When turned on for the issue, it closes requests when all the associated tasks are canceled or completed.