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Recordset and Library Properties

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View properties by selecting the recordset or library from the Structure View in Structure Manager. Most of the properties for recordsets and libraries are the same. Differences are noted where applicable.

Recordsets are represented by Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.54.25 PM.png. Libraries are represented by Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 2.54.31 PM.png.

Administrator rights are required to access Structure Manager.


General properties for a recordset include name, ID, and creation data.


Value is Recordset. (Read-only)

Plural Name / Singular Name

Name of the recordset. This name is used as a label in recordset grids and drop lists.


User ID of recordset. Initial value is the same as the recordset plural name with underscores removed. Must not contain spaces between words or underscores. This value cannot be changed once the recordset is added.


Select to set recordset to read–only—no data can be input if this check box is selected. This property only displays for Libraries.


Indicates this is a system recordset. This value cannot be changed once the recordset is added.

Created/Created By

Date and time the recordset is created and the name of the user that created the recordset (Read-only)

Modified/Modified By

Date and time the recordset is modified and name of the user who modified the recordset. (Read-only)

Data Source

Table Name

This field indicates where the recordset is stored in the database. This field is required when the recordset is created, after that it is read-only.

GIS Association

This read-only section displays when the recordset or library is GIS Associated. For a recordset or library associated directly with a Feature Class Layer, the Feature Service, Feature Class Layer, and Synchronize Geometry fields display from the GIS Integration details. For a library associated with a Domain/Subtype, the Feature Service, Feature Class Layer and Domain/Subtype fields display from the GIS Integration details. If the Domain/Subtype and Library association exists in multiple GIS Integrations, only one displays.


This section describes the relationship of the selected recordset to the parent recordset it is contained within. If the recordset does not have a linkable asset or container/component relationship to the primary recordset, then this section does not exist.

The parent recordset name displays in the section heading. For example, when the properties for the Facility Lighting recordset displays beneath the parent Facilities recordset, the Relationship section heading says Relationship to Facilities.


Values are Linkable asset relationship or Container/Component relationship.

OCI Weight

This field only displays if the Type is Container/Component relationship. The default is 1. The value must be greater than 0.