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Structure Manager Functionality

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

This feature may not be available in every package. Not sure if you have this feature or you want to learn more about it? Send us a message at

Structure Manager is the feature that allows you to view, create, update or delete the recordsets, libraries and fields structure of your Cartegraph database. You can also add relationships between recordsets within Structure Manager. To make changes, the system status must be Locked for Maintenance.

The Created and Modified date fields for fields, recordsets, and libraries in Structure Manager are in database time, which may or may not accurately reflect your current time zone.

Narrow down the list of recordsets and libraries shown by using the filter lists or Search bar to view only a specific area of Cartegraph. By selecting a recordset, library, or field in Structure Manager, you can view the detailed Properties of the selected item.

In Structure Manager:

Share recordsets
Geoassociated recordsets, libraries, and fields

Properties of a recordset and library are broken into five sections:

  • General contains a singular/plural name, ID, and whether the recordset is read-only and system.
  • Data Source contains the database table name.
  • GIS Association if the recordset/library GIS associated, contains the feature service, feature class layer, and synchronize geometry properties of the association. If the Tasks recordset has a GIS Association and is using full geometry, the Linear and Polygon feature classes will be displayed with their associations.
  • Display contains sort information if one exists.

Properties of a field are broken into multiple sections.

The sections displayed and properties within each section depending on the field type.

  • General contains field type, singular/plural name, ID and whether the field is read-only and system.
  • Data Source contains a database table and column name, character size limits for text fields.
  • GIS Association if the field is GIS associated, contains the geodatabase attribute the field is associated to. For Assets, any fields associated through the Current Inspection ID lookup are displayed.
  • Lookup Source if the field is a Lookup, this section contains the lookup recordset and field.
  • Unit Source if the field is a Quantity this section will list the default unit and unit category.
  • Display contains default values,  auto numbering parameters, and field size.
  • Validation contains validation rules/text, whether a value is required in the field, and if unique values are required.

Cartegraph recommends that structure changes, such as creating, editing or deleting, should not be done while users are operating in the Cartegraph system. The user may experience unexpected results if they are trying to interact with a field or recordset that is being changed. Also, it is advised to not make structure changes while background tasks or integration processes are running.