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  • Structure Manager provides a multi-column structure view of recordsets, libraries, and fields as well as a detailed view of associated properties. The view is managed through filters, search, and record selection.
  • The Structure Manager structure view lists recordsets, then libraries, in alphabetical order. Only the associated libraries for the selected recordset display when filtering the structure view. In columns that contain recordsets and fields, the recordsets are listed, then fields.
  • Recordsets are represented by the  icon.
  • Libraries are represented by the  icon.
  • Fields are represented by the  icon.
  • In the structure view, additional columns display to show the corresponding fields for the selected recordset or library. Columns are added and removed as you select recordsets at different levels.
  • The columns can be resized if desired. If a new recordset selection is made, the updated columns resize back to the default width. Columns also resize back to the default width when searching or filtering is initiated.
  • Click the splitter to show or hide the Structure view.
  • View the detailed Properties of a recordset, library, or field by selecting in the Structure view. The Properties view is broken into multiple sections of fields.
  • Shared recordsets are represented by the  icon.
  • Filter lists allow you to view of all recordsets and libraries by default. You may narrow the view to a specific area: Requests, Work, Assets, or Resources. A secondary filter allows the user to narrow further by selecting a recordset type in the selected area. For example, select Assets, then the recordset type of Signs.
  • Searching may be done to narrow the list of displayed recordsets or libraries. For example, enter generator to search for recordsets and libraries that contain the word generator in the Plural Name field. The returned results would include the Flood Protection Generators recordset, as well as the Generator Manufacturers library, among other libraries. The entered search criteria takes into account any applied filters.