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Retire ArcGIS Integrated Record When Missing in GIS

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In a two-way ArcGIS sync, the system retires Cartegraph records with no corresponding feature in the respective feature class. This only occurs for records that were successfully synced in the past (records with a Geo Sync Date), meaning their matching features in ArcGIS used to exist and most likely have been deleted. The system retires the record by setting the retire date to the date of the sync event and does not create a retire task. The system can retire records both during the nightly GIS sync process and when an integrated record is directly edited in Cartegraph.

To ensure the missing GIS feature was truly deleted and isn’t temporarily unreachable because of an intermittent issue on the GIS server, Cartegraph normally only retires the Cartegraph record after its GIS feature is missing for a certain number of days. The change to retire can happen during a manual, nightly, or live sync. The number of days to wait before retiring is configurable with the GISMissingRecordThreshold system setting. It defaults to five days and can be set to anything from 0 to 10. If set to 0 or left blank, the Cartegraph sync immediately retires records when it first detects that the corresponding ArcGIS features are missing. Otherwise,

  • When Cartegraph first notices the ArcGIS feature is missing, it sets the Cartegraph record’s Geo Record Missing Date field to the current date:
    • Date/Time field
    • System
    • Added when a GIS association is created
  • On subsequent syncs, if the feature is still missing and the retirement threshold hasn’t been reached, the system ignores the record (it doesn’t add it back to GIS). If, however, the GIS feature has returned, the system clears the Geo Record Missing Date and syncs the record as usual.
  • If the retirement threshold is reached, the Geo Record Missing Date is more than the configured number of days in the past, and the GIS feature is still missing, the system finally retires the record and clears the Geo Record Missing Date.
  • If the record is deleted in GIS thru ArcMap or ArcPro, and the add-in is installed, then we will retire it right away.
  • In the Error log, every time there is a GIS record missing, we will add a log entry with the Asset type, ID, last synched date/time, type of sync, the number of days it's been missing, and the number of days until it is retired.
  • GIS Sync log will not show any information about this. Once the asset is retired, then it will show in the GIS Sync log.