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Sign in as Another User

There are times when Cartegraph technical support or an organization's admin will want to sign in to OMS using someone else's Cartegraph user account for various reasons without password sharing, resetting the password, or even getting the user’s permission. Some example reasons are:

  • To help a customer with a bad filter.
  • To view a layout as the actual user they are setting up the layout for.
  • To view a dashboard gadget as the actual user they are setting it up for.

If the admin has User Administration security turned on, they have access to the Sign In As User feature within the User Account list or User Account view screen under the Actions menu. This feature is available for the admin if using Cartegraph OMS, SSO, or ArcGIS Identity credentials with some limitations.

If the admin edits Cartegraph data while signed in as another user, the system will record audits and the standard fields entered by and last modified by with “original user name” signed in as “current user.” This preserves the audit trail and explains who actually made the edit.

Sign in as User

  1. Click iAdministration_sm.png>User Administration.
  2. In the User Accounts list, select the user account you want to sign in to.
  3. Click Actions>Sign In As User.

The system now behaves as if you are signed in as the other user. The user account name displays at the bottom of the OMS screen.

Sign in Again With Your Own Account

When you are ready to stop using OMS as a different user, click Sign In as Me at the bottom of the OMS screen.

Things to Know

Use caution as an admin using this feature, especially while the other user is signed in.

Persistence will be affected if an admin is signed in as a user and changes persisted features. For example, layers, column order, column sorts, and dashboard gadget layout will persist to the other user if and how the admin changed them. There is no audit trail for this type of change. It is suggested to not change any persisted items while signed in as another user, and if you must do so, it is suggested to take a screenshot beforehand so you can return the persisted features to the way the user left them.

ArcGIS does not allow for impersonating a user, therefore ArcGIS features work as they would for the original signed-in user. For example, Web maps, map printing, measuring tools, routing, and spatial analysis will use the admin's ArcGIS signed-in user. This means the Web map field will display the maps available to the admin and not the signed-in-as user. This also means the ArcGIS licensing level is the same level as the admin's level. For example, if the ArcGIS license level for the admin is read only, and the ArcGIS license level for the signed-in-as user allows editing, the admin does not inherit editing permissions.

If the OMS session times out or the admin signs out of OMS, the admin does not remain signed in as the other user. If the admin needs to regain the other user's identity, the admin must use the Sign in as User steps listed above. 

In-app guides created by Cartegraph or with Cartegraph Engage that the user has not seen yet could be dismissed by the admin when they sign in as a user.

The Sign In As feature will work in Cartegraph One Web as long as the admin opens a second browser tab for Cartegraph One Web in the same browser instance as OMS and Chrome is set up properly and enables third-party cookies: However, Cartegraph One Web does not display a message anywhere that you are signed in as another user.