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Cartegraph Campus

Sign In to Cartegraph

In order for a user to sign into Cartegraph, they can use Cartegraph user credentials or an ArcGIS Identity. When using an ArcGIS Identity, the identity needs to be associated to the organization's ArcGIS Online account or Portal for ArcGIS Online account. Identity associated to a public or private ArcGIS account will not be valid for sign into Cartegraph.

The user is immediately prompted to sign in user Cartegraph user credentials or an ArcGIS Identity. When using an ArcGIS identity, if a valid credential is entered, the user is redirected to Cartegraph. If the user does not have a valid Cartegraph User Account associated with the Identity, they cannot access Cartegraph.

If the user clicks Cancel on the ArcGIS Sign In page, they are redirected back to the Cartegraph entry screen but is not signed in. The user cannot access Cartegraph until they have successfully signed in via ArcGIS.

Some user names are not valid. Please see Invalid User Name before proceeding.

First Time Signing In

The first time a user signs into Cartegraph with their ArcGIS Identity, they are prompted with a Request for Permission page. The user should select Approve to continue into Cartegraph. If the user selects No Thanks, the user is denied access to Cartegraph. The user continues to be prompted on sign in with the Request for Permission page until they approve the request.

Internal Request User IDs

Cartegraph User Accounts that are attached to a role which is restricted to only using Internal Requests do not need to have an associated ArcGIS Identity. Access to Internal Requests does not prompt for the ArcGIS sign in.

Customers must have purchased an advanced extension in order to have access to Internal Requests.

Session Time Out

When a session times out, you are directed to the sign-in page, and you are returned to the last page you were viewing before the session timed out. Any work that was not saved will not be recovered.

You can share, receive, or bookmark links to pages within Cartegraph OMS and be taken directly to that page after signing in. If you use an ArcGIS identity, that Sign In screen cannot be bookmarked.