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Cartegraph Campus

About User Administration

You must have administrator rights to access this feature.

User administration lists all of the individuals with rights to Cartegraph.

  • User accounts list all of the individuals with rights to Cartegraph. You have to be on this list, to use Cartegraph.
  • Reorder and sort columns to best view the information.
  • Highlight the user and click View to see the details of the user’s account.
  • You must be an Administrator to create User Accounts.
  • If your instance of Cartegraph is integrated with ArcGIS, you can set up some users to require an ArcGIS Identity. This identity has to be associated to the organization's ArcGIS Online account or Portal for ArcGIS Online account.
  • Associate user accounts to Labor records.
  • Reset a user’s persistence to return the user to the default state. Persistence can be reset for more than one user at a time.

User Accounts cannot be deleted if:

  • The user is assigned to a Labor record.
  • You are signed into the account you are trying to delete.

Reserved User Names

The user names that follow are reserved for various system processes and cannot be used for user accounts.

  • BackgroundDataExchanger
  • Report Viewer
  • Notification Service
  • Unsubscribe Notifications
  • IIS
  • Open311
  • InternalRequest
  • Default User
  • GIS Synchronizer
  • BackgroundRecalculator
  • PM Background
  • Repeat Scheduler