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Cartegraph Campus

Create a Column Chart Gadget Example

In this example, we will create a column chart gadget with red bars that shows signs grouped by MUTCD code with various sign background colors.

  1. Click iPlus.png.
  2. Select Column Chart.
  3. Enter the title, Signs Grouped by MUTCD/Background Color.
  4. Select the Signs recordset.
  5. In the Group By section, search for MUTCD Code, but before clicking it, hover over it, and click more.
  6. Select Background Color.
  7. In the Measured By section, keep the default value Total Records.

Select the Start at Zero checkbox if you want the value axis range to start at 0. Otherwise, the axis start and range will be automatically determined.

  1. Select an option for Sort By, Group By, or Measured By.
  2. Click Complete.

The gadget displays at the bottom of your dashboard.