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Cartegraph Campus

Create a KPI Gadget Example

In this example, see how to create a KPI gadget that shows the percentage of requests closed in Cartegraph with a target goal of 90%.

  1. In the Analytics Dashboard, click +.
  2. Click KPI.
  3. Click Show as Percent.
  4. In  Preview dialog box, enter the Name, Percent Requests Closed.
  5. Select the Requests recordset.
  6. In the Define the part of the whole section, click iFilter.png to add a filter.
  7. Set the filter to Close Date Is Not Empty (Is Not Null). 
  8. Click Apply.
  9. In the Define the whole section, do not add a filter.
  10. Leave the Group By field blank.
  11. Leave Measured By as Total Records.
  12. Add a Goal of 90%.
  13. Leave the Add to My Dashboard option selected.
  14. Select Roles and Users to share the gadget with.
  15. Click Complete.

The gadget displays on your dashboard and is shared.