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About Floor Plan Lines

A floor plan line serves as a map layer to provide full visibility of your floor layouts for a facility. Each floor asset will have a corresponding floor plan line recordset. The floor plan line recordsets are created automatically when:

  1. You format for one of our standard floor assets; Facility Floor, WTP Facility Floor, and WWTP Facility Floor
  2. You set an asset's Building Context field to Floor in Structure Manager.

Since these recordsets are created dynamically, we use the corresponding floor asset to determine the name of the floor plan line recordset by adding FPL to the end of the Floor asset name. Example:


Floor Asset Name

Floor Plan Line Recordset




Singular Name

Facility Floor

Facility Floor FPL

Plural Name

Facility Floors

Facility Floors FPL




The floor plan lines only have one field, a lookup to the corresponding floor asset:

Display Name


Column Name






The floor plan line recordsets are not visible anywhere other than in Structure Manager.

Conflict Handling

When creating the floor plan line recordset, there could be a collision in names with an existing recordset. This could happen when using format for a Custom app, with a singular or plural name of My Floor/My Floors.

If "<asset>" and "<asset> FPL" custom recordsets are manually created, then the Building Context field in Structure Manager for "<asset>" is changed to “Floor”

If there is a collision with an existing recordset, the new floor plan line recordset will not be created.

GIS Sync

Syncing to floor plan line recordsets is a one-way sync. When a sync is set up to a recordset that is a floor plan line, it will automatically be created as a one-way sync, and it cannot be changed by the user. When a sync is performed, all of the Cartegraph OMS records are deleted and the synced GIS records get recreated. No data is persisted across the sync.

Vertex Limit: There is a limit of 150,000 vertices allowed in a single floor plan line record.

Drawing Floor Plan Lines

When a building and floor are selected in the Building selector, the floor plans are drawn automatically, if there are any.

The Detail view of a floor asset draws the building and floor plan lines and when viewing the Detail view of an asset that is a component of a floor asset, the building, floor, and floor plan lines are drawn.