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Asset Overview Header

The Asset Overview header displays information for the Asset record whether the asset is a component, linked, or not in a relationship with other Asset Types. Each Asset Type will contain information specific to the Asset Type as well as information common to all Asset Types. Click the splitter to show or hide the overview header. Most fields update in real time while editing. Calculate fields update when you save the changes.

Information Common to All Asset Types

  • Asset Type
  • Asset ID
  • Avatar image (if there is a primary attachment) or a standard image
  • Installed date
  • Replaced date
  • Remaining Life
  • Inspected OCI
  • Estimated OCI
  • Total Cost to Date. The amount is rounded up if is 0.5 or greater and rounded down if less than 0.5.

Additional information in the Overview header depends on the Asset type. For example, the following is the additional information displayed for a sign asset.

  • MUTCD Code
  • Sheeting Material
  • Backing Material
  • Classification
  • Estimated Ra