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About Component Snapshot

Component Snapshot allows you to view the Component assets that were associated with a Container asset in a specified date range.

Component Snapshot is available on the Detail view of a container asset, either the Summary or Asset tab. Select the command from the Actions menu.

This provides a quick look at a component's details when in the field exchanging an asset. For example, in a signalized intersection.

The following information displays by default:

  • Asset Type is the Asset Name of the Component
  • ID is hyperlinked ID of the Component
  • Parent is hyperlinked Asset Name and ID of the Component's Container.
  • Associated Date is the date the asset became a Component of the Container. This is prefixed with <= to denote  an estimated date
  • Disassociated Date is the date the Component asset was removed from the Container.
  • List Export, click to export the data to a CSV file.