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About Exchange Asset

The Exchange Asset process is for component assets to exchange a broken or malfunctioning component that is currently in a container for another asset.

The Rules:

  • Only accessible from the Actions menu of an Asset's Detail view component assets.
  • The outgoing asset, the asset to replace, must be associated with a container.
  • The incoming asset, the asset to install:
    • Cannot have any open tasks associated with it
    • Cannot be retired
    • Cannot already be associated with a container
    • Cannot have any components of its own

What the process does:

  • Exchange the spatial location of the two assets
  • Disassociate the outgoing asset from its container
  • Associate the incoming asset to that container
  • Disassociate all components from the outgoing asset
  • Associate all those components to the incoming asset
  • Updates Location fields for both assets
  • Create a task for each asset using the selected activity for each
  • Assign the task for the outgoing asset to the selected laborer or no one
  • Assign the task for the incoming asset to you, the current user, if possible
  • Set the estimated start and stop dates on the tasks created today

After saving, the Detail view of the Task for the incoming asset displays to enter Resources.