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Connect Component Assets from the List View Example

In this example, a Sign is a component of a Park. You want to add Sign 210 to Park 200. Sign 210 has a designated location in the park. For more information about creating component assets, see Create Container/Component Asset Overview, Create a Component from Outside the Container Asset Example, and Create a Component from the Container Asset Examples.

  1. Click the Assets tab.
  2. Add the Park asset type layer.
  3. In the List view, select Park 200 and click View.
  4. Click the Components tab.
  5. Click connect_component_assets_from_the_list_view_example_iRename_sm.png.
  6. In the List view, select Sign 210.

The row for Sign 210 becomes disabled showing that it is now connected to the container asset.

  1. Click Done.

The Sign 210 now displays in Park 200.